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ViaHELICOPTER / AEROPLANE or “DRONE” (FULL unrestricted licence and $50m PublicLiability Insurance)

I have spent 25 years in the construction industry. Started as a cadet for Concrete Constructions and worked up through various large and mid range construction companies to the position of Construction Manager. In July 2010 decided to take a break from the industry and concentrate on SKYview Aerial Photography, the business that had been running part time from 2004. With the vast experience in the construction industry, I developed a niche business in providing aerial photography at regular intervals, to monitor projects during construction. These photos are used from PCG reviews, board reviews, magazines and publications through to emailing status to international organisations.


Aerial Photography for projects under construction and/or completed. Detailed construction sequence photos to inidicate actual progress..not just overall progress like many so called "photographers" WHO is SKYview Aerial Photography?
SKYview Aerial Photography specialises in providing high quality and professional aerial digital photography of your project(s).

We operate from fixed wing, helicopters and offer a specialised "drone" solution. We are unconditional certified and insured, including "drone" operations

SKYview Aerial Photography specialises in the PROPERTY and CONSTRUCTION industry.

We provide a COST EFFECTIVE product to enable time lapse photography of your project, right through to overview marketing photographs.

WHY do you need SKYview Aerial Photography?

SKYview Aerial Photography can undertake photographs of your project from conception throughout its construction cycle at regular intervals, and final marketing completion photos.

For the CONSTRUCTION PROCESS photography, we pride ourselves on capturing DETAILED construction activities each visit, not just overall marketing photos.

There are NO restrictions or royalties for use of the photos.

HOW much does a project shoot cost?
Refer to our "PRICING" section of the website.

It is more affordable than you would think.

WHAT are the photos used for?

  • Monthly Project Control Group (PCG) reporting.
  • Visual reporting to Board Members and stakeholders that are not able to view the project on a regular basis. Ie they are easily emailed.
  • Marketing in Brochures / Web / Events / Conferences.
  • Client and Company Functions.
  • Historical records of the projects construction sequence.
  • Use for Progress Payment assessments.

WHEN would you like the photos taken?
SKYview Aerial Photography operate any day of the week. For construction sequence photography, we shoot in all conditions. This is to ensure continuity of time lapse and reporting. For the marketing photographs, we await a clear day, however, our experience is an overcast day is best for buildings themselves, then a clear day for regional shots.

WHERE does SKYview Aerial Photography Operate?
Usually throughout NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD, however we have the capability to operate throughout Australia depending on your requirements.

Please explain the "construction" side of SKYview Aerial Photography?
The photographer has over 25 years of construction management experience in the industry from top tier construction companies write through to smaller organisations. This enable us to capture exactly what the client needs...they DO NOT NEED to explain each angle or item to capture as we already understand the construction sequence.

SKYview Aerial Photography is the only company operating with this expert knowledge.

HOW do you capture our project?
SKYview Aerial Photography uses 2 pilots flying both fixed wing and helicopters for their work. This makes it safer and easier, especially within the large metropolitan areas or adjacent major airports.

We put your project in our GPS system that is street level based. We also run twin GPS's in the aircraft to locate your site easily.

We shoot the project whilst orbiting the site around 500 metres and higher, above the project from all angles. Then we might get some vertical shots, move away from the site and use the wide angle lens to shoot some regional shots from various directions...This is so we can capture your site in relation to landmarks ie towns, suburbs or even the city sometimes.

In the plane, we have modified the window and shoot out the window.

For the technically minded, we use high powered close up and wide angle lens on Canon bodies and fly usually a Cessna 182T model with "glass cockpit" ie twin computer screens...gone are the days of all those dials. This is a four seater high power aircraft. We have storm trackers as well to get around those pesky bumpy rides.. We also use an aerobatic plane for short runs. As a side benefit, we encourage clients come join us on one of the flights, to see their own site in a different perspective.

As far as helicopters, we mainly use R44 4 seater Robinson.

for "Drone" work, we use a whole range of machines..depending on the requirements.

WHAT experience does the photographer have?
The photographer has over 25 years construction experience. He has been involved and managed projects from $3M to in excess of $450 million.

Coming up through the construction industry from a Cadet through to Construction Manager, enables him to understand exactly what photos are required during the construction process.

In fact, this is all how the business commenced so many years ago. The photographer / pilot used to take monthly photos of his large projects during construction for Project Control Group (PCG) meetings. The company he was working for thought they were so impressive and a step ahead of other Contractors, they enticed him to set up the business.

Sure there are other aerial photographers out there, but none with the experience detailed above. That is what you receive when you engage and join with SKYview Aerial Photography.

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